2024 Spring Baseball Tryouts! March 9th, 2024  

2024 Spring Baseball Tryouts!
March 9th, 2024  

D-BAT Herriman - 15856 So. Porter Point Cove

8U Kid Pitch  - Check-in starts at 3:00pm  Tryouts 3:30pm

Minors 10U (9/10)  - Check-in starts at 4:00pm  
Tryouts 4:30pm

Majors 12U (11/12)  - Check-in starts at 5:00pm  Tryouts 5:30pm

13U and 15U -  Check-in starts at 6:00pm  Tryouts 6:30pm

This is for ages 8+.
8U, Minors, Majors, 13U and 15U only!
QuickBall and Rookie Machine Pitch teams are formed by neighborhood.

Who needs to come to tryouts?

Please read the following carefully to know if you need to come to tryouts!!
- Everybody in 8U (unless your parent is a coach) needs to come to tryouts.

- If you played with us last Spring AND are staying in the same age group this year
(Minors, Majors or 13U or 15U) 
DO NOT come to tryouts.
You will stay on the same team this year.

- If you did NOT play with us last year OR are moving up an age group
(Rookie/Machine Pitch to 8U or Minors, Minors to Majors, Majors to 13U or 13U to 15U)
YOU NEED TO COME TO TRYOUTS to be drafted onto a team!!!

- If you are new to an age group BUT have a sibling already on a team in that age group
you DO NOT need to come to tryouts.
You will automatically be placed on your sibling's team.

- If you have a parent that will be a Head Coach OR an Assistant Coach,  DO NOT come to tryouts.
You are automatically on their team.